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Proudly Endorsed by The Sacramento Bee

Thank you Sacramento Bee for your endorsement! “Middleton gets our nod...because her emphasis on inclusiveness is crucial to the city’s future.
It’s encouraging that Bruins, Miller and Middleton are talking about being frugal and building reserves – another reason why they are the best team to move Citrus Heights forward. "

Looking Ahead to New Growth


For 20 years we have worked together to build a solid foundation for our city to prosper. During this time, we have strengthened our city’s finances, formed our own police department, developed Neighborhood Associations, and secured funding for revitalization efforts that benefitted major city corridors.   

Success would be impossible without the talents, tenacity, and support of Citrus Heights' residents, business owners, and many more community supporters. In unison, we have worked on a united purpose; our efforts prove that anything is possible for this great community. 

We must continue to forge ahead; Citrus Heights will be a destination in our area for young families and business owners to reside. It is just as important, now more than ever, that we engage our community, empower our neighborhoods, and encourage each other to make positive contributions to the future. 

As your next City councilwoman, my focus will be to make Citrus Heights a more vibrant community. In my experience as a planning commissioner, mother of 2 young boys, and business owner; I know what it takes to be a leader. It’s commitment to lead our city in the right direction, one that focuses on family values, education, and safe neighborhoods. 

Porsche's Priorities Include

Economic Development

 Citrus Heights is an ideal hub for creating high-wage jobs expanding beyond the Sacramento region. For us to grow economically, we need to commit to improving our housing, transportation, educational system and the overall quality of life for our residents. For Citrus Heights to be the vibrant and successful community we all believe in, our elected representatives must focus on building successful business partnerships. I am firmly committed to increasing business retention and corporate involvement in our community. 

Quality of Life

 For Citrus Heights to remain a desirable local city, we must foster healthy neighborhoods, recreational activities, access to parks, and work to invest in local arts & cultural projects that enrich our lives. If we balance these ideals with excellent public schools and a healthy housing market, we can attract more young families, professionals, and individuals of all ages to join our community 

Public Safety:

 Public safety is a high priority for our community. Neighborhoods should be safe for us to live in, work, and raise our families. We can achieve all of this by promoting policies that have already been successfully implemented in other cities facing similar issues. 

Help Relieve the Campaign Debt